Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Toyobaru: TRD or STI For You?

It seems that a supercharged version of SEMA's Hottest Sport Compact of the year is under construction behind Toyota's closed doors. This is interesting to me because I assumed that the forced induction version of the coolest little coupe since the Miata, would have an STI badge on it. While there are plenty of wannabes out there already, Subaru hasn't actually said anything yet in regards to what they will do for a little more power. With all the excitement of SEMA and all the cool awards the Toyobaru twins have been receiving lately, I never thought that Toyota would be the first one to up the ante. I suppose it makes sense, seeing as there are already supercharged TRD's out there such as the TRD Forerunner and Tundra variants. Hopefully, the supercharged Toyota will not be the only forced induction option we get for this little monster, because I would much rather have a turbo over a supercharger. A little less torque for a lot more power. In any event, keep your eyes peeled for one of these FR-S' with a big fat TRD badge on the side, and don't underestimate it on a curvy road. Until next time, subscribe and "like" on Facebook for future Wheels and Deals updates and reviews.

Source: Autoblog.com

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