Saturday, April 28, 2012

Anyone Heard Of The ZR8X? Me Either...

 So we had a customer coming in to find out what it costs to display a car on the lot, and he was driving a 2007 Chevrolet Corvette ZR8X. The car he was trying to sell is actually a newer SLK-class Mercedes, but that's not what this article's about. This Corvette is hands-down the most off-the-hook Vette I've ever seen up close and personal. Apparently, it has a 9" wider stance than a stock C6, and 6" wider than the ZR1 and Z06. His ZR8X is is normally aspirated but still good for 560hp and 540ft lbs of torque. At first I thought it was just a super production model I've never heard about, but it turns out there's a company that actually modifies these things using any C6 or newer Corvette you can send their way. The company is called Supervettes LLC, and they do exactly as their name implies. They take the already potent Corvette platform and make it, well, super. You can tell by the look on my face in the close-up of the ZR8X badge, that I just can't help but grin at the maniacal look of this car. There are a lot of cars out there for me to fall in love with, but this one takes the cake. I love the little nuances of this car, like Jake, the Corvette mascot, placed strategically over the body. Very nice touch indeed. I wish I had taken more pictures, because these ones simply don't do it justice. Check em out and enjoy.


  1. KC, thanks for the pictures and the blog of my ZR8X. Although (as you mentioned) this is not the car I'm selling you guys are awesome to deal with! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Andy! Don't have too much fun in that monster!