Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Great Escape with Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is awesome, Steve McQueen is legendary, and they look like long lost brothers. Yes, I know they are from separate generations, but that doesn't take away any of my enthusiasm for a re-make of one of the most epic movies of all time paired with one of my favorite actors ever! Wow, that was a lot. Anyway, there are no real plans for any such film, but if there were, I believe it would make for some seriously cool car and motorcycle chases paired with extravagant exploding Nazi party buildings. And even if that was pretty much it, I would be okay with that just because Daniel Craig would do such a good job at being the edgy dark hero who does the obligatory save-the-day routine. Maybe I'll write John Sturges requesting an interesting re-make. Would you guys be stoked of this  dream came to fruition? I know I would.
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