Friday, March 21, 2014

2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII: A Drivers Car.

There are few cars on the market that stop me dead in my tracks. This is one such car. The Lancer Evolution started out as a rally fighter based off the Galant VR-4 platform, which is related to the DSM trio; Talon, Eclipse, and Laser. They all shared the same sophisticated all wheel drive platform, along with a turbocharged/intercooled two liter engine. In 1992, the power was rated around 250hp, and 230 ft lbs of torque. Definitely sufficient power to get this thing scootin around, even with a relatively heavy curb weight of just under three thousand pounds. As each new generation was released, minor improvements were made to get just a little more power, and to make it handle just a little bit better. With an aggressive body kit added to the Lancer body, this made for a quick best seller in Japan, with hordes of adoring owners singing its praise.

In 2003, Mitsubishi released the eighth generation on our shores,which is what we have here; the venerable Evo VIII. This particular car has somewhere in the range of 280 horses, and gets from 0-60 in under four ticks of a minute. One of the many reasons these cars are so popular is the power per liter capability, and its excellent handling prowess. It even gives far higher priced vehicles such as Lamborghini's and high end Audi's a serious run for their money around a track. What turns me on to these monsters is the vast aftermarket available online and in your local speed shop. The 4G63t engine lurking under the hood has some serious potential for massive amounts of power. ooh. Come on down and check it out in person, or see it online at Don't forget to like and share on Facebook along with your other favorite social networking site. Thanks and drive safe!

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