Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Project CARS Looks to be Epic Multi-Platform Racing Sim

Ever since the slightly disappointing release of Forza 5, I've been awaiting even more earnestly the release of Project CARS, an ultra-high definition version of what could have been. From what I've seen, they already have the necessary ingredients to make a fantastic racing simulator; a variety of rare and unique cars, plenty of multi-condition racetracks, and some of the best graphics I've ever seen.

What caught my interest initially was the fact that this is not a publisher funded game. It is funded directly by the developers and those in the racing sim community. The game is aimed at those who are already a part of the Forza and Gran Turismo franchises, hoping to lure them into its beautiful track settings, state-of-the-art physics, and top-notch graphics department. I'd say they have some pretty big shoes to fill, especially seeing as they only have 60 licensed cars available. Although on the flip side, they have over thirty tracks to choose from, including Cote d'Azur, Mazda's Laguna Seca Raceway, and many more. Check out this sweet video, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Remember, drive safe and have a great day.

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