Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Elon Musk of Tesla Motors Rakes in 1.1 Billion In One Day

Elon Musk has been hitting the ball outta the park in regards to his success with his company, Tesla Motors. As of late, the stock for Tesla has risen to over two hundred and fifty per share, and that number rises every day. Not only is his own company flourishing, but the company SolarCity Corp. (who he is the largest shareholder of) is doing just as well in response to the incredible optimism that surrounds his plans to build one of the largest battery manufacturing plants on the face of the Earth. This is truly groundbreaking stuff, as electric cars are quickly building steam in the automotive industry. I would guess that there will be an exponentially growing number of not only Tesla's roaming around, but fully electric cars in general. BMW among others have very recently jumped on the electric car bandwagon, hoping to take advantage of the go-green hype everyone is going on about. These are all good things, especially seeing that Tesla is an American car company, which brings reputability and massive amounts of cash into our floundering economy. Congratulations to you, sir! Keep up the fantastic work!


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