Thursday, February 20, 2014

ANOTHER Cherry Twin-Turbo RX-7

I don't know how we get so lucky, but we get to see some of the coolest cars on the planet come through our doors. Last time I wrote something about a perfect twin turbo RX-7, it was a 1995 automatic, and it was pretty much the base model. Not as much flash or bling that it potentially could've had equipped at the factory. This one, however, is a slightly different animal. It is equipped with a five speed manual transmission, rear spoiler/louvre, and an incredibly intricate Bose sound system. Of course, the stock sound system isn't something I'll normally tout on something as rare and good-looking as the TT RX-7, but this is something completely different. I've never seen a sound system that so closely resembled an air intake system in my life.

They call it an Acoustic Wave Sound System. And it sounds just as good as the name suggests. I presume that the name implies the way the sound is sent through the snaking plastic tubes that line the perimeter of the trunk. A safe assumption, no? Quite the engineering feat for 1994 if you ask me. By today's standards, the system is atrociously huge, as Bose can fit a way better sub and amp enclosure into a far smaller space. But it adds a certain aura of  early nineties hi-tech geek that I've always loved.
The engine is the same 13B rotory found in the last RX-7, and it has the same 255 horses at 6500 rpms and 217 ft lb of torque at 5k rpms.
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