Sunday, February 16, 2014

BMW's First-Ever Front-Drive Hatchback!

BMW has set the standard for rear-drive sports cars for at least the last thirty years. It really started (IMO) in 1976, when they first released the BMW 2002, which began the iconic sedan design that continues on to this day. So why would they decide that now is the right time to produce the exact opposite of what has previously been a winning formula? I would posit that once again, increasingly stringent CAFE standards are pushing the american market to a more eco-friendly route than the one we are currently traveling. I don't think that it's meant to replace any of BMW's current line-up, rather I believe it is meant to break bad in a market that has been untapped by BMW in the past. The hatchback.

This is an important revelation in that the hatchback has incredible potential to be not only be a really fun driver, but they tend to be far more practical than their sedan cousins. With a ton of storage space in the rear and a peppy little 2.0l turbo producing 228 horses and 39 miles per gallon, I doubt you would have any trouble merging onto the freeway after grabbing your monthly Costco score.
As with all other numbered series built by Bimmer, there will inevitably be an M-version of this new little work horse, and that's what we should really be looking forward to. As BMW owns Mini Cooper, you can imagine how much fun a front drive car based off the Cooper S could be in the more-than-capable hands of the M-Division. I look forward to taking this for a spin once it hits the shelves, as it is quite literally, the first of its kind.

What are your thoughts? Is a FWD hatchback by BMW an unforgivable blaspheme? Or will it bring back new life into a company that was getting stale after the same rehashed cars year after year? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don't forget to like and share on your favorite social networking site. Have a great day!


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