Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BMW's Ugly Duckling: 2000 M Coupe

The BMW M Coupe is a car that is based off the fun-to-drive-but-not-to-be-seen-in Z3 roadster. It has everything the tiny two seater has, and more. What with trunk space in which to hold things that we actually use on a daily basis, it has more than enough practicality for the average Joe. A family, not so much; but if you are an individual who is looking for a fun daily driver, this may be the perfect fit. What many people don't know is that it the ones with the M badge have the same engine as the legendary M3 that we all know and love. Woot, indeed. Not only does it share the same 240 horsepower, but it also has 200 fewer pounds to lug around the corners. It's nearly 50/50 weight distribution makes it an incredibly solid canyon carver with little to no body roll, and personally, I think it looks absolutely fantastic while doing so.

In fact, this car shouldn't even technically exist. It is the result of a handful of BMW engineers who thought the Z3 roadster wasn't a precise enough driving machine for them, so on the weekends and off time, they put their heads together to make it the best it could possibly be. This is the end result of their enthusiast blood flowing freely through their hearts and minds. Quite the mean machine. Not to mention it's my favorite shade of blue with tasteful mods throughout. Check it out in person here at Wheels and Deals.

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