Saturday, January 11, 2014

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Leaked Images

Oh Lord, I cannot wait to see this out-of-the-box-race car face to face. Most of the time, when a company releases pictures of their newest addition to the family, they never seem to look as good as they do in person. The same can be said of certain other industry pictures, but that's not an appropriate topic of discussion. That being said, I HAVE seen the 2014 Stingray Corvette in person, and it is good. Very good, in fact. Each and every dip, line, and curve in the body have been engineered to plant it to the ground at high speed.

The newest rendition of this iconic sports car has not only the same dips, lines, and curves to help baby it around the bends, but it also has the addition of some absolutely fearsome aero-bits and louvers that do nothing but make it better in every single way. I would imagine the extra 300 lbs of downforce in the rear and probably 150 in the front make it stupid fast around a track.
So far, there is precious little in the way of information so far, as the pictures we have here have been leaked prematurely. What are your thoughts? Is this car something worth lusting after? Or is it just another mid-life crisis waiting to kill the next unaware owner?

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