Friday, October 25, 2013

Honda is the Best at Creating Interesting Adverts.

Throughout the years, I've seen quite a few car advertisements; many meant to educate, others to entertain. Often times, I've found that the ones that say nothing about the car at all are the ones worth watching the most. Take this one, for example. It shows a bunch of suits in ties who are just completely blown away at the marvel that is the Honda CR-V Diesel! Come on, seriously? A CR-V certainly isn't the most impressive vehicle on the face of the Earth, so let's create a riveting 30 second spot that will make people think it's incredible and bends space and time! In reality, the CR-V is just a dependable little truck-thing that boring people across the world are now going to want for no reason other than this intriguing ad. Well? You know Honda marketing guys and gals certainly did there job. Check it out after the click.

And this is how they pulled it off:

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