Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Economy Is to Blame for Teens Not Driving.

Over the course of the last couple decades, our society has seen a slow but steady decline of young car buyers actively seeking out a new ride. Many have lamented the advent of Facebook and smart phones as the culprits for the declining numbers of young car buyer's, but as an enthusiast, I find that hard to believe. Luckily, there is a study that was recently released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety outlining why this trend is ACTUALLY taking place. 

"A new study blames high teenage unemployment and the rising costs of driving for the decline in younger people getting driver licenses — not texting, cellphones and lack of interest."

Apparently, It's because they aren't working enough to afford the costs of driving. That paired with the rising costs of fuel, insurance, and maintenance fee's make it very difficult for them to get anywhere near owning their own car. Another point to consider is that the cars that are built today have so many specialty tools required to work on them, they actually deter people from even trying! While this may sound like a good idea at first, all it means is that you have to spend even more money paying someone ELSE to fix the dang thing! Often times, I'll find myself popping the hood on a newer model Dodge, or even Honda that are completely covered in a glossy black sea of plastic. Disgusting.

Unless you are a true auto enthusiast, you will never understand the disappointment of not being able to wrench on your own car because the manufacture over-engineered the crap out of it. I would honestly have to say that smog laws have seriously hindered the advancement of young car culture as well. Not only does the state require a maximum level of emissions produced (which is understandable on some levels), but you can't even put something as simple as a freer-flowing cold air intake system on your car without it failing the smog test. As a result of such stringent laws, and un-user-friendly engine layouts, no one wants to even TRY to get into the car scene. Personally, there are very few new cars that I would want to own until I'm filthy rich for these reasons exactly. What's the point unless you can make it better, right?

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