Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Biker Gang Ran Down by Fleeing Land Rover

Unfortunately, the full-length video of this horrific event has been removed from Youtube for  whatever reason, but abc news has built a report surrounding the mystery of why this man decided it would be a good idea to run over some biker thugs who swarmed his vehicle. From what I saw, it started with one biker getting tapped on the rear tire after brake-checking the 3 ton truck. After he fell over, others bikers stopped the truck by getting directly in front of it, intimidating the driver and figuring out if their buddy is ok. Personally, if I were to get surrounded by 20-30 thugs on bikes, I'd either stop and wait for them to pass, or in a fit of rage for endangering my child, I would proceed to run as many over as inhumanly possible. Of course, I would then find my way to the nearest jail cell, so that wouldn't be the smartest answer, but it surely be the most satisfying.

Please, if you ride a bike around with a large group of friends, don't be an asshat. And please, if you happen to run into a large group of biker thugs, don't run them over intentionally. Not cool guys, not cool at all.


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