Friday, October 11, 2013

10 Cylinder's of Excellence: '07 Audi S8

The first thing you notice as you approach this car is how perfectly unassuming it seems to be. However, once you get within ten feet a trained eye would see the S8 badge on the front and rear fascias, followed closely by the gaudy V10 emblem on either side. Instantly you will know this is not your average luxury sedan. The most important item to understand about this car is that it comes equipped with the same 10 cylinder power plant as the Lamborghini Gallardo. Let me say that one more time. This car shares the same engine as the Lamborghini Gallardo. Got it? We may now continue. Although the basic setup is the same, there are some minor differences between the two motors which I could explain, but the amount of techno-babble involved is not only unnecessary, but boring. The meat of the matter is that it has 420 hp and 390 ft. lbs of torque. Ooh momma. That's plenty to get you in, or out, of trouble.

Once you enter the cabin, you will quickly realize that this car has been designed and built to much higher standards than any lesser model in Audi's lineup. The Bang and Olufson sound system has got to be the best system from the factory that I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. In fact, I would say it eclipses many of the custom systems I've experienced over the years magnificently. Two tweeters slide up and out of the dash once the power is turned on, giving off a very futuristic, sci-fi aura that the brushed aluminum faces of each speaker accentuate perfectly.

The power heated sport seats are probably the best I've ever sat in as well. They have a far wider range of motion that allows an individual to customize their seating position almost infinitely. The buttons even feel luxurious, as they are made of a metal alloy, rather than the standard plastic caps. The upper portion of the seats can be adjusted to lean forward or back, depending on how aggressively you feel like driving.

Even the rear seats have lumbar support, meaning you will either have some seriously spoiled children, or you will be able to impress the hell outta anyone that jumps in for the weekend club hopping scene. That fact, paired with the ultra-nice alcantara headliner, and the really nice seats, and the bad-ass speaker system, and well, pretty much everything about this car will quickly make you the talk of the town. Without a doubt, this is one car that I would seriously maim to own. (I'm strongly opposed to murder, but a little bloodletting every now and then is cool.)

With that being said, is this one that you could see yourself shmobbin around in all the time? Or is it something you'd rather keep in the garage until it's needed on the weekends? I'd daily drive the heck out of it if it were mine. But again, that's just me. You can come down to the lot in Santa Clara to check it out in person or take a peek at this video review on Youtube from Edmunds InsideLine.

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