Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here's 180 Seconds of Volvette Goodness.

Volvette: The genius combination of an LS based engine, with all the practicality and room of a Swedish swagger wagon. What more could a police force ask for? There's plenty of room in the rear for the baddies, and the fact of the matter is, who the HELL would think that this bloated, over-sized people mover would be able to keep up with 70% of what's on the road? Certainly not me, but I do know I would be awfully intimidated if this thing came up on my rear doin 120mph with no problem whatsoever. Although I don't know for sure if this bad boy is actually conscripted to the Swedish Polis Force, I do know it gets some serious publicity for them. Check these clips out and enjoy.


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