Friday, June 28, 2013

Car Dealers Are Seriously Threatened by Tesla Motors.

Why, you ask? Because Tesla doesn't go through said dealers to sell their cars. They sell directly to the consumer. Why is this an issue of such huge magnitude? Money. Tesla Motors has surprised the world by becoming the first REAL electric car company who has done the impossible; they've produced a genuinely  good electric vehicle. What with its impressive range of over 200 miles, its hi tech/incredibly roomy interior, and its excellent low center of gravity (due to the battery being mounted below your feet), consumers are completely blown away. This is something we've been earnestly waiting for and dreaming about since the early fifties fer Pete's sake! And now, when they seem to be the next big thing, dealerships across the country are intimidated by their success and unique way of doing business. (Unique, in that they aren't dumping money into the dealers pockets...) Is this a surprise? No, most certainly not. Is it disappointing that once again, the U.S. government has shown us it is motivated by money, and not what is best for the people? Of course, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Shame on you N.C. Senate.


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