Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Don't Know What These Are, But I Want Them.

Most of the cars that tackle PPIHC are simply built up versions of a production model ride. However, there are always the fantastic contraptions seen above and below that capture our imaginations and render images of Speed Racer blasting across the surface of the earth at breakneck speeds. These cars have been engineered by people who have poured their lives into the art of making an engine and four wheels move faster than their competition. The innovations discovered in the handling and performance characteristics of modern day cars, and perhaps more importantly, the safety equipment required to keep these guys alive are just a few items that make this such an important event. That paired with the incredibly entertaining speed, smell, and sound aspect make this a legendary race, indeed. And if you have an extra half hour to kill, check out the video included for a look at all the different styles of vehicles that enter the event. Enjoy.


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