Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Wish I Had This When I Was 5! Or Now For That Matter...

It's not often that I see a product aimed towards the younger sector of the auto industry that makes me green with envy. This, however, is one such jewel. KidsEmbrace is the company responsible for creating these genius car seats, and I am completely blown away that it took so long for this idea to finally grow in popularity and spread like a wildfire.  Personally, I think their selection is "meh", at best, and they would be wise to include the entire DC Comics line-up in future products. And the potential for NASCAR fans to get their favorite drivers emblazoned onto their normally-boring car seat is fantastic! Luckily, they have the option on their homepage under "Browse By Character", to vote for, well, new characters. This is exactly what people like in small, budding companies. Customer participation. It is one of the newest and most fun ways to get involved with your clientele, and I think that KidsEmbrace has hit the nail on the head. Check out their website and vote away for some of your favorite fictional characters! I vote Master Chief!

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