Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon Sales are Seriously Lacking...

The Cadillac CTS-V wagon has been sitting in my dream garage since the day it was announced, way back in late 2009. Why the American public hasn't embraced the rwd, supercharged monster that is the CTS-V is way beyond me. Personally, I would think that it is the ultimate alternative to the standard minivan, or even a Dodge Magnum. (Which I see far more often than the CTS variants) Over the course of its life, it has gone through very minor changes. These changes include mild tweaking of the engine and drive-line and of course, the expected exterior design has been adjusted slightly as well.

From the Truth About Cars:

Juan Barnett of DC Auto Geek tweeted some interesting information last weekend regarding the last generation of CTS-V; just 1,200 examples of the CTS-V wagon were sold during the car’s lifecycle; by comparison, Cadillac sold a total of 254,000 examples of the CTS.

Of those, 215,000 were sedans (with 8,000 being V-Series), 32,000 were coupes (6,000 were V-Series) and a mere 7,000 were wagons. Given Cadillac’s assertion that 5 V wagons needed to be sold to break even on the project, it seems that Cadillac managed to make their money back many times over on a variant that accounted for barely 0.5 percent of CTS sales. If nothing else, it was a profitable PR exercise for Cadillac. Even male fashion bloggers and the guy from American Pie ended up driving them.

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