Friday, December 7, 2012

NHTSA To Require Black Boxes in All Cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has gotten 90% of all new cars on American roads to have "Little Black Boxes" installed by the manufacture. These are basically event recording devices that capture the data when there is an accident. There are plenty of reasons as to why insurance companies and law enforcement agencies would want this technology on every single car in the U.S., but is there really any reason a person driving the car would want a little computer literally recording each and every move they make? Call me paranoid, but I honestly don't see how this benefits anyone except the people who are taking money from us and/or "Protecting and Serving". Am I the only one that's a little weirded out by these people encroaching themselves in the lives of the common man, strictly for the purpose of recording exactly what we're doing at all times. Please, someone explain to me why we need these things in our cars that doesn't have anything to do with insurance or law enforcement purposes. I suppose it would be useful in the event that someone borrows your car and tries to downshift into first gear at 60 mph. But how often does that actually happen?


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