Friday, November 30, 2012

01.13.2013: Nothing Will Be the Same

Chevrolet sent me an email the other day regarding something that would "revolutionize" the auto industry. Of course, I never believe the hype that is dished out by most auto-makers, but because there was the phrase, "The driving experience will never be the same" included in my spam, I was hooked. Apparently, Chevy is so confidant that everyone will absolutely love the new Corvette, they are making it sound like the return of the prodigal son. They say in their ad, "With transformational advancements in design, engineering and technology, this first look is just the beginning". I don't know exactly what "transformational advancements" they've made, but I do know that big car companies don't completely redesign their flagship model sports car very often, and that makes ME excited. Here are a couple short teaser clips from Chevrolet to get your Corvette juices flowin. 

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