Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Civilian Jeep: An American Legend

Just before WWII ended in 1944, Willys was preparing their militarized Jeep for the civilian market. The first CJ (Civilian Jeep) wasn't much different than the vehicle used in the war. There were really only three noticeable changes made to the original. They knew that by adding a tailgate, drawbar, and a civilian-style canvas top, they could tap into the vast market that was post-war America. Business was booming, the economy was stable, and we needed an inexpensive work vehicle. Thankfully, Willys delivered. Although there are no more known survivors from the CJ-1 line, there are literally hundreds of thousands on the road to choose from today. In all honesty, the Jeep brand has made it big because of necessity. This vehicle was necessary, it was produced, and it stayed pretty much the same throughout its long, pedigreed history. If you take a look at the CJ series 1-7, you will see precisely what I mean. Don't forget to like and share for your favorite Nor-Cal Car Lot!
1946 CJ-2a
1953 CJ-3
1968 CJ-3b
Interestingly, there is no CJ-4, as it was the CJ-3b that took its place. The CJ-5 simply took a spot in the line-up.

  The CJ-5 is probably what the American public thinks when they hear the word "Jeep". This is arguably the most iconic little truck in the history of the United States and it deserves that status 100%. If you think Jeeps are the bees knees, you can keep your eyes open at wheelsanddeals.com! We get them in all the time!

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