Saturday, August 25, 2012

New And Improved Audi Quattro

Nothing is set in stone yet, but this re-birth of the Audi Quattro has a lot of people very excited. It sports a 2.5L inline five-cylinder that produces roughly 375 horses. That, paired with Audi excellent Quattro drive platform, will make for a car that will easily be one of the most potent Audi's to date. Apparently, this particular model would be priced between the TT-RS and the R8, weigh between the A1 and A3, and have power between the S5 and RS5. I guess this is Audi's attempt to fill in the gaps that needed another product. Personally, I've grown tired of Audi's current line-up and I will be pleasantly surprised when they begin production on the Audi Quattro. Maybe I'll even consider getting one myself. Yeah, right.

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