Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Era of Internet!

Google has released a video of what looks like Play Mobil toys making their way around a magnetic track. Although the method they use to advertise is primitive, the product they offer is anything but. Google Fiber is exactly what the name implies. Instead of utilizing the airwaves for our internet connection, we will now be able to take advantage of the recently laid fiber-optic wires spanning the Atlantic Ocean; connecting with people all over the world up to 100 times faster than ever before. If you stop to think about the technological advances made over the last twenty years, you're likely to be completely blown away. Every 6 months, their is another computer rig that comes out which is superior to the last system. If you do the math, we've jumped in computer technology over forty times in the last two decades, and the improvements have been stunning. Hopefully, we don't create our own mini-pocolypse by building a robot that will kill us all off, but until then, Ill enjoy my near-instantaneous interwebz. Check out the video and let us know how you think this will affect our day to day lives and even the auto industry.

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