Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Evolution of Motorsports: Global World Rally

Global World Rally Racing can be described as a nasty combination of MotoX, NASCAR, and Rallycross, all three of which are extremely difficult to master. However, I think the world has wanted something fresh and new to the racing competition scene, and GWR is the answer. Most of the participants in GWR are some pretty well known figures in extreme sports; guys like Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, and Brian Deegan, just to name a few. Recently, Travis Pastrana won his first race this year in New Hampshire, throwing him in the spotlight for the time being. Personally, I think Pastrana is an awesome guy and I wish him the best, but I really want to start seeing Ken Block taking home the gold. If he started winning on a regular basis, his videos would be far more impressive. Anyway, here's a pretty sweet clip from the New Hampshire GWR race that Pastrana won. Don't forget to subscribe for future Wheels and Deals updates! 

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