Thursday, June 21, 2012

Toyota GT-86 VS. BMW/Mazda/VW

So this isn't the most exciting video in the world, but there is a very good reason why I've decided to share it. The cars featured in this short clip are all similarly priced coupes meant to be fun and exciting to drive. However, none of the featured vehicles have anywhere near the handling properties of the zippy new FT-86. Apparently, Subaru underestimated how popular their little rear wheel drive coupe would be, and the product is flying off the dealer lots like there's no tomorrow. I still have yet to drive one, but I will soon remedy that when I head down to my local Toyota dealer and take it for a spin. Yes, I know it's an underpowered dog, but that's precisely why it's under twenty-five grand. And if you really need more power, I'm positive the aftermarket will produce some serious upgrades in the near future.

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