Saturday, January 25, 2014

Inexpensive, Dependable Track Car: 1993 Mazda Miata

This car has been around since late 1989, when it was first shown at the Chicago Auto Show. And ever since, its rabid following has been touting its praises the world over. And for good reason, too. The manual transmission that comes standard in the Miata is one of the best in the entire auto industry, and finding a gem like this one with the relatively low odometer reading of only 128k miles is a rarity in and of itself. The shifting is crisp and confidence inspiring, which can be a dangerous thing for those of us with a heavy right foot. Although it only has 116 horses to the flywheel, its superlight body and frame make sure that you hardly notice. The balance is near perfect, the sound is giggle inducing, and the droppable convertible top is the icing on the cake. There are those who have owned one long enough to tire of the low power, so the aftermarket has provided countless options for increasing horsepower and torque, including forced induction options, and even complete engine swaps to make for more power.

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