Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Working Mans Super Car: 1991 Acura NSX

What do you get when you cross the dependability and power of a tuned 3.0l Honda engine on a mid-mounted frame, and a low slung body with Ferrari-like handling capabilities? One of the best cars ever produced; the Acura NSX. It all began in the late eighties, when the world was thirsting for a decent supercar that didn't shake rattle and roll the driver to pieces. (ehem, Ferrari 348) In enters the 1990 Acura NSX. By today's standards, the car is still quick with a zero to sixty time of 5.5 seconds and holds .88G on the skid pad, which is none too shabby.

Although it has a mid-mounted engine, the suspension is still floaty compared to something even a little more modern. Oftentimes, that's the first issue addressed by owners of this car. Coilover suspension systems paired with a set of 18" wheels help tremendously with improving the handling characteristics, which are must-haves for those who aggressively drive or even track their cars.
This one is different from most of its ilk in that it was special-ordered with not only power steering (which almost no NSXs' ever came with), but also an AUTOMATIC transmission. Most of the time, I would be crying and moaning, wondering why the original owner would prefer the auto over the manual version in one of the best drivers cars on the face of the earth. This time is different only because I know that if you live in LA and want the looks and fun of one of these things but not the bodybuilders left-calf of power, than the automatic trans makes perfect sense. The timeless 7-spoke chrome wheels set it apart from a stock NSX, but that's really the only difference. If this is something that catches your fancy, you are more than welcome to come check it out at Wheels and Deals. Hit us up on Facebook and check our inventory online at

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