Saturday, December 21, 2013

May the Force Be With You: McLaren Ingenuity in Everyday Rides?

What does absolutely every single car on the face of the earth have in common with one another? Windshield wipers. McLaren has expressed interest in developing some groundbreaking tech that will completely do away with the archaic arm and blade style water reppeller, choosing instead a slightly more advanced style of anti-agua. They want to use a FREAKIN FORCE FIELD. Yes, like from Star Wars, or one of many other sci-fi flicks from the last fifty years or so. Although it won't be any kind of plasma or energy based field, it will still do essentially the same thing. McLaren is banking on a new* kind of sound-wave technology that will knock the water away from the windshield with ultra high frequency waves. You can see a video of how the military has implemented the technology after the jump. Check it out and prepare to be blown away.

*new: A Japanese inventor patented the "force field" in 1988.


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