Thursday, September 5, 2013

CA Says NO to RFID Implanted Licenses

Holy cow, Batman! California (of all places) just shut down one of the most "Big Brothery" bills to ever be proposed! Yes, RFID chips in everyone's drivers licenses would mean shorter wait times at the border, but that just seems like a huge price to pay for the privacy encroachment that goes hand in hand with this potentially soon-to-be widespread technology.Michigan, New York, Vermont and Washington are the only states as of yet to employ the enabled licenses, and many Constitutionalists are worried that if the idea spreads to other states, they will become a requirement of all U.S. citizens. Personally, I can't stand the idea of ANYONE knowing where I am, let alone someone as irresponsible and encroaching as my government. 

What do you think? Should RFID implanted ID's be the way of the future? Or have they no business being utilized by our government for "convenience sake".


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