Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bumblebee Has Graced Our Showroom!

What do you get when you cross the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Edition with a guy who didn't think it looked "Transformers" enough? One bad-ass Camaro. The original package includes some cool badging on the exterior, yellow stitching in the seats, and  a couple of little odds and ends that don't actually do anything. What this guy did was take something half-assed (and almost cheesy), and turned it into a wicked replica of what Bumblebee should actually look like in and out.

He opted not to use the stock 20" black wheels Chevrolet utilized on the car; instead he used a set of 22" Asanti's custom painted with yellow striping. Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of wheels that are meant to do anything but wear a tire or shed pounds. These ones however, definitely bring out the best in Bumblebee. Another interesting add that the owner decided to utilize was the gearshifter. Not only does it continue the theme of Transformers badassery, but it is only the single-most epic shifter I've ever laid eyes on. Made of 100% metaluminumsteelcarbidekrypton, it is completely indestructible and turns into a lightsaber at your command. Not really, but that's what I imagine every time I lay eyes on it. The 7-inch touchscreen and strategically placed gauges add drool worthiness to the techno geek in me.
The sound system inside this beauty is just as epic and high-end as everything else in the car. It has a Phoenix Gold amp, paired with a 10" high output sub that connects directly to the cars pre-existing wiring system, making install and removal a breeze.

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