Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Funniest Go-Pro Rally Capture EVER. Samir, PLEASE!

"Samir, you ass!"
In the world of Rally Racing, the co-driver is the most important piece of equipment you have at your disposal. They tell you what type of turn is coming up and how fast you need to be going when you reach said corner. That's pretty freakin important when traveling at near-triple digit speeds over gravel and rough terrain. Unfortunately for this co-driver, these two probably should have switched places. It looks like the one called Samir Thapar either has the worst hangover ever, or he is just absolutely terrible at racing. Vivek Ponnusamy (co-driver), on the other hand, seems to know the course like the back of his hand, just as any good co-driver should. Watch as the hilarity ensues, as this could be the most entertaining four minutes of your day. Enjoy.


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