Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cherry Twin Turbo 95' RX-7 At W&D.

Before we begin, we must first understand what we're dealing with. 1995 is the last year the Mazda RX-7 was ever sold in the North American market. In 93' there were over thirteen thousand units sold in the U.S. In 1994 that number shrank to only three thousand units. In 1995? 500 RX-7's were sold on our shores. And this is one of them. With that, let us continue.

Lovin them flip-ups
The rotary engine is a dying breed. First and foremost, they don't last nearly as long as your standard internal combustion type engines, meaning they are more expensive over the long haul. On top of the ludicrous cost of upkeep, they are slightly more complicated and difficult to keep up with maintainence. This particular model just so happens to be the most complicated Wankel example to head off the showroom floor because of it's venerable twin-turbo system. The last model year of the RX-7 has the same tried and true 13B rotary engine, but this time its sequential twin-turbo system pushes 255HP at 6500 RPM's and 217ft lbs of torque at 5000.

You could eat off that.

Those numbers paired with it tipping the scales at a measly 2800lbs makes this thing rocket from 0-60 in just a hair over 5 seconds with a top speed of 160mph. What blows me away about these cars is that they have such small 1.3L power-plants, yet they provide the power and handling characteristics comparable to the Corvettes of the era, without the audacious aura of mid-life crisis following you around every corner.

mmmmm.....dat....umm....Mazda emblem....
At day's end, this RX-7, although automatic, is a collectible piece of automotive history that will continue to impress in every way. A true drivers car this is indeed. You can come check it out at Wheels and Deals in Santa Clara, or go online and take a closer look. Be sure to visit us on Facebook and give us a like! Have a fantastic day!

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