Saturday, July 6, 2013

How to Inspect a Used Car Before the Purchase.

Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC is one of the greatest auto detailers on the face of the earth. He has been entrusted with multi-million dollar cars because he is the best of the best. He is so good, in fact, that he created his own chemical concoction because the products avasilable on the open market were not up to his standards. That, my friends, is what you call dedication. All that being said, his infatuation with perfection leads me to believe that he's the guy to listen to if a pre-purchase inspection is what you're looking for.

What is a pre-purchase inspection, you ask? It is essentially the most important step before buying a used vehicle on the open market. Larry goes over the basics in a way that even the first-time car buyer can understand. And in the video, he makes an excellent point; if you don't know much about cars, either bring someone with you who does, or take it to a trusted certified mechanic. Personally, I don't have a problem going over a car myself and determining whther or not it's a good buy, as that's exactly what I do every single day. But for the average human being, buying a used car is certainly not commonplace.

So, watch the video, educate yourself in the way of the used car, and if you ever have any questions, give us a call at (408) 246-1000. Good luck and have fun!


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