Saturday, May 11, 2013

W&D Retro Review: 1964 Ford Galaxie XL 500

What we have here is the last year that Ford produced this particular body stye for the Galaxie line-up. That makes this one of the more desirable model years because Ford had gotten past most of its quality control issues, inadvertently building one of the most dependable, 100k mile plus cars of the era. This example has low original miles with just over seventy thousand on the clock. It's a matching numbers car with the original engine rebuilt at 66k miles.

What I enjoy most about these older cars is that they are just as comfortable if not more so than the cars on the road today. Although you have to keep in mind that these things are over 40 years old, and in stock form, they are slow, heavy, and can't stop nearly as well as what we drive nowadays. Fortunately, when this one was restored, the owner knew what he was doing. The brakes have been updated to disc's, and a far more daily drivable alternator has been added for far more turn-key reliability.

The interior of this car is immaculate. The seats are like new, the chrome is fantastic, and the overall design is reminiscent of a bygone era; when character was just as important as fuel economy and performance. Everywhere you look, there are bits and pieces that are 100% unnecessary, but Lordy they look good. Even the front bucket seats have brushed aluminum accents on the backs with matching pieces throughout.

If you would like to see this beauty, come down to Wheels and Deals in Santa Clara and take it for a spin!

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