Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nissan Silvia S14: The Battletank from 6666 Customs

Oh, how I love Japanese ingenuity and passion. This man, Satomi Nakawatase, has built one of the most original pieces of automotive metal to ever grace the automotive industry. That being said, I cannot stand this strange new phenomenon known simply as, "stancing your ride". What they do is the extend the lower section of the front and rear suspension and create this awkward, obviously useless wheel position that does nothing more than scream, "I'm a wannabe race-car driver". However, Nakawatase has taken "stancing" to a whole new, fantastically beautiful level. There are countless design cues from many different sources, some far more blatant than others. As a young man, he delved into the world of model military tanks and fighters, heavily influencing the end result you see in the video. In one clip, the camera pans across the right rear quarter-panel, where you can see stenciled numbers reading ME163B. Interestingly, it is in reference to a German fighter plane from WWII. Although I don't necessarily approve of using the Nazi regime as inspiration, he does it well enough that I don't really mind. Another cool feature he included on his post-apocalyptic ride is the license plate front fenders, which has plates from all over the U.S. riveted together to create something seriously unique. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below. Be sure to "Like" and share on Facebook to be included in future Wheels and Deals updates and reviews!

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