Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Practical New Car at Wheels and Deals: Honda Accord Se

The Honda Accord has been hailed by many as the end all be all of reliable, economical transportation for decades. They last forever with minimal need for repairs, get easily over 30 mpg on the freeway (in the 2.4L trim), and have plenty of room for most small families. Understandably, the Accord is one of the best selling vehicles on the market because Honda never strays from the basics. It is a four door, air conditioned, automatic car that is comfortable to drive and safe to wreck. Not a bad combination for the normal human beings daily driver.

This is one of the few cars in its class that do not offer a hybrid drive version of the car, and honestly, I applaud Honda for not jumping on that particular bandwagon. Not only does that jack up the price of the car, but it doesn't actually help the environment. This may be old news for many, but when a hybrid battery dies in a vehicle, there is no recycling, they are simply placed in a landfill somewhere, never to be used again. Unfortunately, most people don't realize this fact and choose to purchase a Prius or Camry Hybrid anyway.

Here at Wheels and Deals, we see countless cars rolling through our doors with just as many variations of new and old. Recently, we got in an almost new Accord with just under 7k miles on it. The outside is immaculate, has brand new tires, and can be yours as soon as you wish. Just come on down to Wheels and Deals in Santa Clara and you can take a look at it and take it for a spin. Give us a call at (408) 246-1000 or visit us online at wheelsanddeals.com. You can also Like us on Facebook for future Wheels and Deals updates and events.

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