Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stolen Corvette Recovered After 20 Years!!!

Corky Rice
In 1989, an Irish immigrant was coerced into stealing a brand-new 1989 Chevrolet Corvette from a car lot in San Diego, CA. Apparently, he never even drove his prize; when it was recovered from a local storage facility, it was reported that the renter had paid over seventy thousand dollars in storage fees over the course of its life in the unit. "When the police recovered the car from the storage facility, they found that it had just 67 miles on the odometer, flat tires, and "it still had that new-car smell on the inside, according to the L.A. Times."

The kicker for me is that the guy was never prosecuted because of his cooperation with the police. His lawyer called in the theft report to say his client had stopped paying the storage fees, and that a stolen car would be found when the unit was opened.

After the car was found, covered in dust and cobwebs, it was given back to the insurance company that had reimbursed the dealership it was stolen from in 1989. They detailed it, filled the tires with air, replaced the battery, and sold it to an anonymous buyer. Soon after it was then re-sold to a car dealer by the name of Corky Rice, a Sherman Oaks car dealer, who in turn sold it on Ebay for the princely sum of $39,741.


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