Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making Ugly Cars Look Cool

Being a car guy, I take lots of pictures of cars. Hundreds, if not, thousands of pictures have been uploaded to Facebook through my dinky little phone, and looking back at some of the shots I took, I find it hard to believe I shot them. Some are good, while others have too much or too little lighting, and still others aren't even in focus. Luckily, the guys at Nissan have created an easy to understand video for those of us who are less than experienced in the art of car photography. Check it out and enjoy. Don't forget to like and share so everyone else can learn something new!

-From Autoblog:

1. Get up early: The best light is the first and last hour of sunlight.

2. Wear kneepads: Low angle shots are often a good choice for car pictures.

3. Clean up: Bring cleaning equipment to make sure the car looks its best.

4. Avoid gray skies: Unless the photo is black and white, gray skies just depress people.

5. Get a great car: Nissan shot the video of photographers making the all-new compact 2013 Sentra look great. If they can do that, you should have no problem doing something better with your wheels.

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