Friday, September 7, 2012

Highest Speed Limit In the U.S.

It looks like the old adage, "Everything's bigger in Texas" still applies; even to speed limits. According to Yahoo! news, "Texas will soon open a stretch of highway with the highest speed limit in the country. The Texas Transportation Commission has approved the 85 mph speed limit for a 41-mile-long toll road near the increasingly crowded Interstate 35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio.
The road runs several miles east of the interstate between two of the state's largest metropolitan areas. And while some drivers may be eager to put the pedal to the metal and rip through the Central Texas countryside, others are asking if it is safe." Maybe with the innovation of car companies, in regards to safety features, will allow more states to follow suit by increasing speed limits on some of our highways. Honestly it would take a lot of stress and headache out of a lot of peoples' commutes. Although your fuel economy would decrease, it would take valuable time off the common mans daily drive to and from work. Unfortunately, I don't know how keen CA would be on doing something similar to Texas because that would steal valuable income from the coffers of the Highway Patrol. I'm curious, what does everyone else think? Would CA benefit from increasing highway speed limits on major highways like 101?

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