Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Generations of Porsche: 1981-2002

Wheels and Deals hosts some of the most collectible and desirable cars on the market, and today Porsche is the main attraction. The first worth noting is the 1981 Porsche 928 with a manual transmission. Although it has high miles, it has been meticulously maintained by the only owner its ever had. She painstakingly repaired anything and everything that ever went wrong with her car, and it looks like the time has come to pass her dream onto another lucky soul. Its interior is beautiful, its paint near-flawless, and it drives like a bat outta hell. This is one of the original drivers' cars out of the eighties, and it remains a potent little car even by today's standards. If this looks like the car of your dreams, you're in luck. Come down to take it for a spin and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Twelve years later, the 1993 Porsche 968 Convertible was released upon the general public, making everything prior to its arrival, obsolete. Equipped with the same manual transmission and the biggest four cylinder engine I've ever heard of, this car was the pride and joy of Porsche. They even moved the contractual production with Audi, to their own plant in Zuffenhausen, just to make sure it was perfect. This latest rendition of the 9-- platform had more standard luxury items and a more efficient fuel management system than previous models, improving everything from gas mileage, to power output. The 3.0L motor produces 268 horses and handles better than its predecessors. Interestingly, this was the last front-engine Porsche manufactured until the release of the Cayenne some years later.
The latest Porsche we have in our inventory is the 2002 Boxster S. It has a similarly powered 3.2L mill that humps out 250 horsepower. However, this one is a 6 cylinder, and the car it's in is far lighter and more agile than the 928 or 968. Many people regard the Boxster as a "woman's" car, but the fact of the matter is that it handles great and accelerates hard, making it one of the top sleepers on the road. Taking one for a spin up Highway 9 would be more than fun; it would be thrilling.

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