Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FT-86, FR-S, BRZ: Owners Manual Recall

Fortunately for Toyota, the new trio of cars recently released to the general public have been generally good to their new owners. Nothing major has gone wrong yet, with the exception of a misprint in the owners manual for the aforementioned cars, some customers have reported the body panels on some of their cars have been off by as much as a quarter inch, and condensation forms in the rear tail lamps, which is more irritating than anything else. So if you are the proud new owner of a Toyota FT-86, a Scion FR-S, or a Subaru BR-Z, then head on down to your nearest dealer and pick up a free page for your manual. And if your car has crooked body panels, according to TundraHeadquarters.com, Toyota is "looking into it".
Source: Autoblog.com

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