Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2011 Super Snake VS. 427 Cobra

The 427 Cobra was produced by Carroll Shelby from 1961-1967 as an answer to Europe's small-car, big-engine sweep of the racing world. It was direct competition to the likes of Ferrari and Aston Martin. Well, competition isn't really the right word, more like terror of Ferrari and Aston Martin. In its prime, the Shelby boasted a 427ci iron block engine, as the name implies, and could support well over 500 Hp. Originally, Shelby wanted to up the ante with an aluminum block 390ci, making it lighter in the process. Unfortunately, NASCAR would not allow it and the 427 was born. 
The new Super Snake is almost as fast around a track and almost as pretty, but the tried and true Shelby has the advantage of being more than a thousand pounds lighter. This makes it a little more spritely around the corners and it can brake later than the large Mustang. In a straight line, however, the Super Snake is king. Even though its a whole lot heavier, it has a good 250 more horsepower. Be sure to subscribe after checking out the video, enjoy.

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