Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hybrids Have Become Far More Attractive.

Definitely not "pretty".
Hybrid powered vehicles are nothing new, as they were envisioned way back in the early 1900's, but the companies that produce them only seem to have two goals in mind. First, the car has to achieve fuel economy at least double that of a standard sedan, and second they have to be twice as ugly as any car on the road. Generally, these cars were reserved for Green Peace activists, people who don't know how to drive, and those who were simply tired of spending 80 bucks at the pump. However, over the last ten years, the pool of available hybrids in the market has grown exponentially. Mercedes-Benz, Buick, Acura, Lexus, and many more car-makers have decided to jump on the hybrid band wagon.
OK, so it's a Civic, that's better....
Nowadays, you can pull up to a stoplight and never even notice that the car next to you is a hybrid unless you are astute enough to wonder why it's not idling. This Honda Civic Hybrid looks exactly like any other Civic except for its goofy wheels. This was the first step towards making these cars more desirable for the rest of us normal people. Not only is it no longer an ugly car, but it gets gas mileage upwards of 40 mpg. They achieve these astounding numbers by using the electric motor under 30 mph, and shutting off the gas powered engine at idle. The first time I ever drove a Prius, it was one of the most eerie sensations. I just pressed this little button where the key belongs, and all the interior gizmos and lights turned on. There was no engine noise whatsoever. After I turned it on, I put it into gear and it noiselessly glided forward as if pushed by some invisible hand. Very strange indeed.
Now THIS is what I'm talkin about!
However, hope is not lost! Honda has recently released the Honda CR-Z Hybrid, and not only does it look better than any hybrid on the road, but this particular version looks better than a lot of normally powered vehicles as well. Yes, I know this isn't what all of them look like, but do you see Toyota releasing any "sporty" versions of the Prius? I think not. The closest thing I've seen to a sporty Prius was one that looked stock, but the owner swapped out the hybrid drive for a twin turbo supra mill. Definitely not a hybrid anymore.

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