Thursday, March 8, 2012

Buying a Car Shouldn't be Scary

If the idea of going to a dealership to buy a car is something that makes you sick to your stomach, you're doing it wrong. For many people, the feeling of being helpless on a dealers lot is an honestly understandable emotion. If you don't live in the auto industry and the only time you even think about buying a car is when your old one gets totaled, then make sure you go with a friend who knows what they're doing. New car dealers will ALWAYS try and up-sell you on the many options all new cars have. You will ALWAYS have to deal with some salesperson that really doesn't care whether or not you can afford the car he's selling you, he just wants the sale. And you will ALWAYS have to pay some ridiculous amount of interest that sounds great at first, but then costs thousands more later (Unless you have thirty grand cash lying around, in which case, I envy you). 

So we at Wheels and Deals have created an honest, salesperson-free atmosphere, where you are a respected person with a normal amount of funds available. And if you do need financing, we can refer you to Patelco Credit Union, where they can offer far better interest rates than any dealer around. Not only do we provide a safe, fun environment to do business, we also have mechanics we can refer you to, to get your potential new vehicle inspected for mechanical issues. And to top it all off, the vehicles on our lot are privately owned, so there are absolutely NO salespersons roaming our lot seeking out a victim. We have everything from virtually new Honda's and Toyota's, to classic Cadillac's and trucks. You can see a current list of our inventory at Just specify under "search" the location as Santa Clara, and all our cars will pop up there. If you have any questions, feel free to call us and we would be more than happy to help you. 
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