Wednesday, March 7, 2012

244 MPH Camaro? Scary...

You know, modified cars are really awesome and driving them is even more awesome, but I seriously doubt that Chevrolet ever intended their pony car to reach speeds north of 200 MPH. If you research what goes into making a production car reach those kinds of breakneck speeds, you might be surprised. The Koenigsegg Agera R is just one of those cars, and its top speed is a  measly 260 MPH. The engineers behind these projects must take everything into account, including tire temperature, aerodynamics, cooling of the brakes, EVERYTHING. Just one example of this is that the wheels on the Agera are specially designed as turbines to cool down the brakes at high speed. This Camaro is what I believe to be a 2000 heavily modified Z28, and if you watch the windows closely, you'll begin to understand what I mean. Scary stuff, although there is excellent composure on the drivers part.

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