Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh Lord. THAT, Is the Sleeper of the Century.

I've seen a lot of cars in my time and my taste has always leaned more towards cars that look stock, but then annihilate anyone that gets near them. I'm not really into the whole 20" rim thing, or super negative camber for no reason. Even a super flashy paint job, in my oh-so-humble opinion, detracts from the attractiveness of a car. Sure, sometimes a nice paint job can be really cool, but it just screams, "I'm really valuable! Steal me!". Not my cup of tea. These guys from (insert European country here) definitely have the right idea. They took the shell from a 1980 Alfa Romeo 164 sedan, and placed it on top of a full fledged F1 racing platform. All they did to the exterior was add a front splitter and a functional rear wing. Check out these pics and the video below.

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