Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Death of a Young Enthusiast Brings People Together.

The automotive industry is filled with incredible and wonderful people. Most of us love cars. It doesn't matter what kind, it just matters that they're cars, and that we're talking about them. One of the many wonderful parts of being in the community of cars is the camaraderie. When someone needs a tow, a part, some helpful insight, or even a few extra dollars, most guys would be willing to give you the shirts off their backs.

This is a story of a Miata-loving crew, along with the rest of the internet, coming together for the family of someone they lost due to terrible illness. This is about Thomas Johst.

Thomas was diagnosed with Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis, a rare auto-immune disease that only ends in one thing. Even in the face of such a harsh reality, Thomas was always a positive, outgoing individual, as evident in the comments from readers of Jalopnik, a popular website dedicated to the performance automotive industry.  

In the article, author Patrick George took it upon himself to help spread the word, as Thomas has recently passed away and his father was overwhelmed by medical bills and grief. Reading the comments was a heartwarming/breaking experience, and I would hope that the family can only learn to remember Thomas for what he loved and who he was, rather than be dragged down by money woes. 

If ever there was a good cause to donate to, this is certainly worth a look. His step brother set up a gofundme account on the families behalf, and already over ten thousand dollars has been raised to help them out. Keep in mind the father was by his sons side for the last three months of his life, making work an impossibility. 

Spread the word, donate to the cause, and remember that life is short. Life is precious. Treat yours and others around you with respect. God bless.

Source: Jalopnik.com

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