Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Operation Evo: A Quest for Greatness (But mainly just an Evo)

IT HAS BEEN FORETOLD. That with just four grand and a little bit of common sense, I plan on buying and selling cars until I reach a total of roughly fifteen thousand dollars, which is about what a 2003-2005 Evo VIII goes for in good, drivable condition. Why an Evo, you ask? Because they are without a doubt, the most bang for your buck in regards to a fun, daily drivable machine that looks good, can carry a family of four, and has a huge aftermarket following for upgrading all the go-fast parts or replacing OEM pieces. To put it in perspective, the base model slingshots its way to 60mph in just over 4 seconds, out-handles 90% of what's already on the road, and gets just under 25mpg. Not too shabby for such a performance oriented vehicle.

If mpg is simply an afterthought to you as a person, then imagine what replacing the fuel system, exhaust, turbo, and engine management system would do for you! That would put it on the same playing field as cars which are quadruple its price (read as ZR1, GT-R, GT500, etc) for half the cost to build.

What are the general rules or guidelines associated with this quest for greatness? There are none! That's the beauty of buying cars with the intention of flipping them asap for as much as you can get! The purpose of these cars is not for you to fall in love with them, or even to use them on any regular basis. You only have to be able to get back what you put in them plus a little bit of profit; a lot if you're lucky.

So, here's the nitty gritty math part: if I buy one car every two months with a minimum profit of a thousand bucks, it would look like this: 4000 + 500x = 15000 (X= number of months), meaning it would take just under two years (22 months) to achieve my goal. Honestly, that would be a worst case scenario for me, as I'm sure I could turn the cars over faster than the two month estimate with a larger profit margin with little to no extra effort on my part.

Keep an eye on the blog for updates on our quest for greatness! Can't wait to see what the first investment will be!

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