Saturday, November 23, 2013

Best M3 Ever Built: (Other Than M3 GTR)

The BMW M3 has one of the longest and most recognized legacies in the history of car-dom. And so far, each and every year has yielded a much improved version of the 6-cylinder rocket ship, keeping long-time fans and budding enthusiasts the world over happy as clams. That is, of course, until BMW chose to turn their entire vehicle line up into bulbous, soft-looking cars with little to no connection with the driver. Well, perhaps that may be a little harsh, but you would surely understand if you were to take this generation M3 out for a spin immediately followed by a disappointing jaunt in the 2007 model. The legendary inline-6 found in the M3 produces over 330hp at  7,900rpm's and 262ft lbs of tq. Plenty of fun to go around, to say the least. Personally, I would prefer a standard 6-speed transmission; however the SMG transmission this particular car is equipped with shifts significantly faster than any human being ever possibly could. Unfortunately for those of you who would be interested in purchasing this ride, it sold almost as soon as it hit our lot, as it is one of the cleanest examples of this era M3 that we've seen in quite some time. Keep your eyes on our website at for all the latest wheels and deals!

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